A local air pollution control industry, Camfil Air Pollution Control, met with the CDI and explained that their salesmen needed a tool that would allow potential buyers to be able to visualize how their dust filtration system worked. The CDI suggested an animation of a dust mote that would fly through the filtration system, and this collaboration with Camfil Farr resulted in “Clean Air Rocks.” (Note: All interior shots were 3D models with “actors” (actual employees) shot on a green screen.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 1.55.41 PMWe have worked with external agencies on several different projects, including a smoking cessation app, “Strike2Quit” for the Arkansas Department of Health. The Strike2Quit game was a collaboration between the state agency, the CDI, and ASU students who tested the game and helped with the concept, and it is part of a larger smoking cessation system that we developed.

We have also created several virtual tours for area businesses, including one for an area hospital, St. Bernards Regional Medical Center.Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 2.04.53 PM