Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 8.40.01 PMThe Arkansas Multi-User Instrument DataBase (AMUIDB) is a tool designed by the CDI to assist researchers in locating and scheduling use of instrumentation needed for cutting edge research and innovation. Each of the participating research institutions and affiliates play key roles in expanding the STEM research capabilities and educational outreach activities of the ASSET Initiative, a $24 million National Science Foundation Experimental Program for Stimulating Competitive Research (NSF EPSCoR) project administered by the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority. Arkansas ASSET Initiative has aligned the research focal areas and workforce plans with focal themes identified as areas of economic growth opportunities for Arkansas by the Arkansas Research Alliance Battelle study and the research and development areas for Arkansas identified by the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority. ASSET Initiative consists of three centers: Plant Powered Production (P3),

Vertically Integrated Center for Transformative Energy Research (VICTER) and the Arkansas Center for Generating Reliable, Energy Efficient, Nanoplasmonic Solar Cells (GREEN) Each center is a multi-campus, interdisciplinary cluster that creates the critical mass needed for transformative research aimed at increasing industry-relevant outcomes (e.g. new start-up companies).

The AMUIDB is available to Arkansas researchers and their out of state collaborators to make effective use of the multi-user research equipment infrastructure housed at our ASSET Initiative institutions. The AMUIDB is also accessible to K-12 educators looking for framework-aligned, STEM educational materials and professional development opportunities tied to our three research centers.